October 8, 2007

Have you ever wondered what in the heck an affiliate is? I have and then I tried to be one… There is much more to the venture then you realize. Let me explain, here is the definition of affiliate;

af·fil·i·ate --1. Transitive and intransitive verb combine organizations: to come, or bring a person or group, into a close relationship with another, usually larger group.

Sounds simple right? Wrong, the definition is simple but the function in the internet marketing world is not! In that world, you pair up with a company, person or both and market their product and/or service. If successful, you’re paid a commission. Some are “flourishing” and many are not! It takes work, like any job, but the main reason people are moving in this direction is because they can work from home.

Now you are probably saying to yourself, "gee that doesn’t sound too difficult." Well, if you do your research on the best companies to partner with, find reliable products to offer, and choose the ones where you make excellent commissions then you’re on the right path. Here are two respectable companies that I have found…ClickBank, CJ.

Is it expensive? It can be! Some ads offer a free web site and are worth a try http://achoicemade.com/. Just make sure they offer a good money back guarantee. I look for the ones that give 30 to 60 days with no questions ask. Anything less can be tricky and not worth your time.

Once the web site is up you’re usually offered a dollar amount to provide you with a start on pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement through MSN, Yahoo and others. This of course depends on the person whose providing the free web site and whom they have partnered with for this service. It’s a “learn as you go” experience.

You can also partner without the expense of a web site or landing page. This is an example of one product that ClickBank offers Auto Pilot Profits with no web site required. Sign up for the free newsletters offered by many of these services. You will learn a lot about the world of “affiliate selling.”

My recommendation is research, research and more research! Start viewing some of the links to the right of this article. You won’t be a millionaire over night! Nothing is guaranteed in life except death and taxes!

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."~~Zig Ziglar

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