September 7, 2008


OK, I know, just when you felt a little more comfortable with shooting that camera up pops another mystery. Let me set your mind at ease; the camera already has a factory setting which is usually pretty good. However, there are times when you will need to adjust for that less than perfect lighting and white balance will be that adjustment.

If you want to depend on the factory setting that’s OK but, it’s a bit risky---You know, like playing poker or the slot machines. There are several ways to adjust your white balance (thanks a lot huh?). Don’t be afraid to try some of the following examples; remember you can always default back to the camera’s factory settings.
  • Buy a piece of WHITE poster board and cut it to fit your camera bag.
  • Take a picture of a solid white shirt or sock.
  • Use a white photo disc.
  • Purchase a small warm card ; it has a very good rating.
  • There’s another great new product called Expoimaging.

I’m sure you noticed that some of the ideas shown above are quick fixes for the moments you're caught without a gray target or rag. This item should always be a part of every camera bags accessories. You would be surprised how hard it is to find an obliging clean white shirt to shoot. Next to Expoimaging, the gray target or rag is my second choice. Both are easy to carry and readily accessible. Each of these items will come with easy to follow instructions. Dare to learn “white balance adjustment” and your pictures will delight you.

The key too why we adjust our white balance is consistently perfect exposures. We have all missed that once-in-a-lifetime shot due to over or under exposures. What looks great on the view screen is many times deceiving. Have you ever wondered why as you viewed you monitor and begin using all those expletives? Simple, the pixels have to compress to fit that little 2x2 screen. Sure they are going to look great!

TIP: Always take several shots of your picture and bracket. Especially if it’s one that you really want as close to perfect as possible.

Take a moment to visit my favorite place to shop for photo bugs like us…They are great to do business with and you can download a catalog or order one to be sent right on line.

That’s it for now and until next time---Happy Shooting!

"One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you'd be stricken blind." Dorothea Lange--American photographer 1895-1965

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