January 10, 2009


Welcome to 2009! It is nothing to rave about with the financial bailouts, GM and the other car companies crying the blues, congress acting as though we are the bottomless money pit for their pet projects, foreclosures, and escalating unemployment. Whew, it’s enough to make us non-drinkers give it serious thought or, at the very least, find that preverbal hole and dive into it. I hope this madness and economic down turn will be short lived. I try to keep an optimistic outlook.

I also tend to blame these serious issues on the ones who have failed us---our congress, the current administration and “we the people”. How, or more fittingly, why did we not remove those members of congress and the president in the 2004 election? If we had, maybe things might have turned out differently. Thank goodness, we will soon have a new president in office and one that seems to have a vision for this country’s recovery.

Obama is a man that has gathered around him a resource of intelligent and knowledge people in their fields. He is a communicator, a listener, a far range planner, and not afraid to reach out to the individual for input regarding the country’s problems. So, engage yourself and be a part of the solution. Make your voice heard by logging onto http://change.gov/, and tell President Elect Obama what your thoughts are on the economic issues that you are facing and recommend solutions…

For me the issues are free trade, outsourcing, the greed of CEO’s, high cost of gas, social security abuse by our government, unobtainable health care, poor education, and boarder security. Maybe my list will help you to start writing that email.

An article I read on the internet today also troubles me; here is the link. Take time to examine it. You may think this is irrational but, in view of our country’s job losses and financial decline, one must not over look the real possibility of such an occurrence.

The basis of tragedy is man's helplessness against disease, war and death; the basis of comedy is man's helplessness against vanity (the vanity of love, greed, lust, power). ~~Dawn Powell

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