April 15, 2009


Well, today is that dreaded day of days. You know the one I mean, April 15th! The day when the IRS is waiting to get our 1040’s to see if they can squeeze us a little more. I was waiting for my dividend check (the one we should all be getting) to come in so I could pay my tax bill. Remember thoes rescue loans for the banks, Wall Street and automakers. After all, our tax dollars were used for those loans so we should be getting dividends as shareholder’s right? Now---that is a joke!

According to one of the higher ups in the IRS, their employees have been instructed to work with, and make it easier for, the taxpayers this year. That’s right; he was on CNN under the guise of a much nicer IRS. They had better be nicer after all “we’ve” done for our government lately. I was hoping they would write our tax bill off this year---ya, right. When it comes to the IRS, I am going to take the wait and see attitude, about their attitude. I don’t know if they can even spell nice---let alone be it…

Personally, I think the IRS should be eliminated and a flat tax implemented. Let's set the rates as follows: 10% for middle-income wage earners, 28% for the wealthy and 40% for big business. By eliminating the IRS, we could save trillions a year. I actually prefer the national sales tax idea but our greedy congressional representatives have blown that idea out of the water. They want to charge a 23% national sales tax, on top of the state sales tax. These people never learn; their greed is always the first thing out of the gate. I think it is time for another Boston Tea Party.

I was wondering, does the wealthy really pay their share of taxes and if so, how much. I found this interesting article by Citizens for Tax Justice while searching on the internet for the answer . You always hear them claiming to pay so much more than the middle class. I will let you read the article and decide for yourself. Hmmmmmmmmm, I know one thing for sure they don’t pay their fair share of FICA taxes.

The term "tax humor" is no doubt an oxymoron to many people; to the more cynical, it is an apt description of the entire tax code. ~~ John F. Iekel

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