October 13, 2008


I’m going to deviate this month from camera talk and instead, I will convey a bit of awareness concerning one of the most important roles we have year---electing a new president. We have a choice between John McCain-R, and Barak Obama- D. Now, here’s where the sticky-wicket comes into play!

Please cast your votes for the right reason and not out of loyalty to a specific party. If you can be objective, then reflect on the disastrous affects we have experienced to date under the present leadership. Despite what party you are registered under, remember always to vote with an INDEPENDENT mind!

Neither party has done very well for us in the past 40 years. They have turned their backs on us and teamed with big business, wealthy colleagues and basically anyone who could line their pockets. The Republicans center of attention is big business, health insurance companies, the wealthy, etc. The Democratic Party has always been for the poor and working class. That’s the distinctive difference between them.

We certainly don’t need four more years of Bush and a VP who has, and might possibly, abuse her power again. She was found guilty for doing that very thing concerning “trooper gate”. What did she receive; nothing but a slap on the wrist. The news also stated that a request was made to withhold the investigations final decision until after the election. Hypocrisy and double standards do not belong in public office. Elected officials should not be exempt from the very laws they help to create.

It’s my understanding that our government is supposed to be “for the people and by the people.” OK people, let’s divorce ourselves from those “party loyalty” egos and do what’s right; vote for the person you feel will do the job and, if it’s not done and your voice is ignored again, than fire them next election! I can guarantee you if that’s done consistently, you will see a change in all of our elected officials.

In my opinion, elections at every level should be held every two years instead of four. That way, we could minimize their damage potential. In the past eight years, both the Republican and Democratic parties have failed us in countless ways--Point made!

Here’s a bit of trivia for you; in the past
28 years, a Republican president has held office for 20 of those years.

Remember how the Republicans wanted to privatize Social Security and invest it in the stock market. Well, look what would have happened with everyone’s retirement funds. How many of you, due to the wild spending of this administration, are losing their 401K shirts?

Why is our Social Security program in trouble? Let me give you just two facts:

1. Almost every president elected goes into the social security fund and pillages the surplus---George W, and his congress are no exception. This is money we (with our employers match) put away for our retirement. In my opinion, that equates to fraud and theft. People are thrown in jail for shop lifting, or robbing a bank right? Then the liberties being taken with our social security fund are no different---it’s still a crime!

2. The rich do not pay their fair share into social security. Nope, once they hit $97,500.00, they do not have to pay another cent of FICA tax. But someone making $35-40,000.00 or less will have an FICA tax rate of 7.65% deducted from each pay period all year. This is not only unfair, it’s indefensible! Why should the middle class and poor pay a 100% of FICA taxes while the rich only pay 6.2%?

There are numerous reasons why social security is a concern. I reference the two above because, if those are corrected, social security would be solvent for years to com. These two facts are just the tip of the ice berg. Our social security funds are being misused for numerous activities by the government.

Here’s another tidbit---Years ago,
congress decided to tax social security which I consider double taxation. After all, I pay taxes on money that is already withheld as an (FICA) tax from my pay checks. How does that set with everyone? Oh, and you pay taxes on your company pension too. It’s considered an unearned income; isn’t that an oxymoron?

Finally, there is a paramount issue to consider is this election; the newly elected president will likely be appointing several new Supreme Court justices in the coming New Year. His choice will be crucial and impact ALL of us in some way. A wrong appointment in this area can bring about catastrophic results and conceivably the dismantling of our justice system and our constitution.

I hope I have given you several things to consider when you go to the polls. Study the candidates, listen to them, ignore the gossip of dirty politics, and vote for that which is in the best interest of our country. The events of the past month concerning our economy, bank failures, and Wall Street bail outs signal a serious warning. No one can be complacent in today’s world.

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