November 9, 2008


Maybe now, with one of the most historic election years behind us, we can get back to our day to day lives. Regrettably, many of us along with some family members are finding ourselves back on the streets in search of a job.

In my opinion, this election sent a loud and clear message to our elected officials. It spoke to job performance and aligning one’s self with unethical business partners. It said, without a doubt, we are watching you! If you fail to do the job we want done then, next election you will be the ones pounding the pavement for work…Make that a rule to vote by and follow your representatives voting record.

Very few families remain untouched by the deficiencies in government oversight. I am the first to raise objections with government “interference.” Nevertheless, some critical areas of the business world must be regulated or eventually we confront a worldwide disaster. Let me provide a few examples here; banks, credit card companies, health care, and Wall Street. This is where unchecked greed and corruption have run ramped for years.

Here’s my pet project for the upcoming months; fighting the credit bureaus and employers. If you want to join me then start writing letters to your elected officials. The majority of employers use your credit worthiness as a consideration for employment. I know that first hand! A friend of mine talked me into going along on her job hunting excursion. I joined her and decided to apply for a part time position. We ended up at a job fair where TSA had a booth on site. I overheard the lady tell my friend that they require a back ground and credit check for employment purposes. I’d suggest you take time to read the credit check link and know your rights.

This law was an egregious decision that should never have seen the light of day! Every day, individuals from all walks of life are forced into bankruptcy. In today’s economy, bankruptcy filings have increased to all time highs with no end in sight. One can say, “Oh it won’t happen to me,” but the reality is it could! If a job loss occurs, medical bills pile up, a serious accident happens, or the death of the family’s financial provider this is where you'll likely end up. This is life, and stuff happens.

No one should be allowed to judge your worthiness as an employee using a credit report. We’ve all known people with money and/or great credit. They can be very unreliable and won't last more then a month on the job, if that. Employment should only be decided on past employment history and skills; end of story!

Unfortunately, if this discriminatory use of credit history is not stopped how many of us will be able to find a decent job at the end of our current calamity? The government needs to “dismantle” their prior decision on using credit reports to screen for potential employees, so start writing those letters.

“The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious of the rose.” ~~ Kahlil Gibran

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