June 7, 2009


Every time I have to go shopping or I go out to eat (which is seldom now), I have to wonder---just how dumb do these corporate raiders think we are? They are still taking advantage of the poor and working class through outrageous pricing. I noticed this while I was shopping the other day. A gallon bottle of Vinegar use to cost $2.29 and now it is almost six dollars. Does one get additional ounces for the hefty price increase---NO! Bread is anywhere from $3.00 to $4.00 dollars a loaf and milk is in that same price range too. The rich are getting richer and the working class is joining the poor.

CEO’s of major companies are still walking away with millions of dollars in bounces, stock options, and whatever else they can loot from the company. This is beyond contemptible behavior and driven by the GREED of Wall Street! When a company has to write a million dollar check for the CEO, Directors, President, VP’s and whomever else, the trickledown effect is increased pricing that we, the consumers pay. Well, I am through paying ridiculous prices so that these fat cats can take a paycheck home for doing NOTHING! If you or I performed as poorly as this country’s CEO”s our pink slip would have shown up immediately. Perhaps we should have performed like a CEO instead of a vested and dedicated employee. Then, we all could have been paid for doing nothing; sounds good to me.

After generations of hard work for companies like GM, Qwest, IBM, and the list goes on, ones reward was the outsourcing of their job and loss of income. THANKS TO ALL THE POLITICIANS WHO SUPPORTED THIS IDEA! Now some individual, or child, is working umpteen hours a day and paid 90% less while the CEO and investors portfolio’s skyrocket. Does this seem fair to you? Here is where these thieves are making the additional profits; they import back into the USA, and sell their products for the same high price they charged when the work was done here. Now here’s the deceit, they used the excuse to outsource based on “cost of wages and benefits.” Would someone please explain to me why the price of goods hasn't gone down considering the low wages they pay out now? Oh, let me remind you, we the taxpayers “foot the bill” for the cost of their outsourcing. Now, that should make your day….

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