September 7, 2011


If you are considering the purchase of a digital SLR camera good for you, you will love it! It took me a long time to replace my Nikon film camera with a digital. Now, I am thrilled with my new Nikon digital SLR and my film camera lays abandoned, ignored and forgotten in the closet.

The convenience of a digital, along with the overall savings, has been worth the financial investment. It may take you a little time to adjust to digital photography and fine-tune the change. However, if you shoot with an SLR now, you will probably adjust quickly to your new digital SLR.

The cardinal rule with any camera is "getting to know" your camera. That alone will prevent stress from taking over and allow you to enjoy taking pictures. The amount of photos that little SD card can hold will astonish you. Of course, that also depends on the format you choose. Most digitals will give you a choice of Raw-JPEG or a combination of both; I prefer Raw --- personal preference is the rule of thumb here.

OK, let’s talk about that software you use to process those amazing photos. If you’re like me, you use several different programs. I use six (6) unique programs. Yes, I know but they have yet to design a program that can do all the creative stuff we dream up. After all, photographers think outside the box when it comes to creativity. Photoshop and Corel are my main stays and for quick fixes, I use a free program called Picasa.

Evan Sharboneau shares his tips and tricks for achieving that creative edge in photography. Visit his web site; I know it will excite you too. His eBook titled "Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book" shows you how to achieve outstanding photographic results. I look forward to learning from this talented individual and enhancing my own photographic style using his special effects technique.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Shooting!

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